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The EU bird sanctuary Naturraum Dümmernniederung and the Diepholzer Moornieniederung offer ornithologists and nature observers a variety of interesting bird species, some of which are very rare.

Particularly noteworthy is the annual rest of the cranes in the Diepholz moor lowlands.
The renatured moors surrounded by agricultural areas (mainly maize cultivation) represent a new large resting area in Lower Saxony. In mild winters, small groups of cranes make their first hibernation attempts.

Modern new observation towers make it possible to pursue your job or hobby regardless of the weather. Various nature adventure trails provide information about the natural area of the Dummel lowlands. In the nature conservation station Dümmer See you will find a permanent exhibition that provides information about the formation of the Dümmer lowlands, their importance for nature and species protection and projects of the NLWKN (Lower Saxony State Office for Water Management, Coastal Protection and Nature Conservation). Excursions with various themes are regularly offered by specialists from the nature conservation station.


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